Thursday, 15 June 2017

writing a narrative

A long long time ago there was a girl walking on the beach  with her dog, she wanted to find little fishes when her dog barked. Ruby was barking because she saw someone  littering . he put his ice block rapper in the then he put his drink lid into lily wanted to pick it up but the wind blew it away.After 2 minutes she saw a boat far away and shen saw that the boat was heading to a shallow part of the sea then when lily saw a massive rock she was frightened because the boat was heading the MASSIVE ROCK!!!.Lily wanted to do something but it was too late  the boat crashed into the rock.

OH NO!! Said ‘what are we going to do’ ruby barked. After a minute there was pollution coming out and lily saw the little fishes dying and she saw a dolphin die. Lily was crying because she loves marine creatures but she can't see them because they died it was really sad because the marine creatures died in the sea, and she didn’t get to see them before they had died.lily was so sad because that dolphin was her favorite dolphin when it was night time lily and ruby walked home.

When got in her bed she dreamed of fishes with the dolphin and lily was swimming with the dolphin and the fishes.The next morning lily had an idea she told some men to get a water sucker.a water sucker sucks all the pollution go out of the sea so she told them to get there new one from yesterday and when they got at the beach creek they hoped that it would save the marine animals so the tried it.after 2 minutes it worked all the pollution came out but one problem was that the sea animals needed medicine luckly the docter came and helped them with medicine and after one hour the little fishes were back lily and ruby were happy again.the end

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