Friday, 12 May 2017

the smart shoe

Walt use personal voice in our writing.
Walt organise and order our ideas and information appropriately.

Walt understand why certain materials are used to support a product in it’s performance.
Walt to decide if a product is fit for purpose.

I think it looks like a time travel shoe and I think it’s made out of magnesium and titanium because those are the strongest metals. And they want their new product to succeed.

Well I think that the problem the shoes are solving  is that when you put the  shoes on it makes you fly and when people fall you fly and save them. I think it is used for time traveling so if you're running late for work or a birthday party you just put your shoes on and say I want to go to work or I want to go to the birthday.

OK! Now i know what this product is a smart shoe it is controlled by your smart phone and featuring a futuristic and urban design. The smart shoe features a self lacing function.which can tighten and untighten by a click by your smartphone or smartwatch it senses your body weight and age and height.and it knows yourm temperature. And tracks your steps.and in one day it charge

I think it a good idea that the makers made this smart shoe because it is really cool to be tracked by your feet and if i was a technology maker i would make a jet pack that can

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Venn Diagram - plants that heal

We have been learning about different NZ trees and plants during reading. I created this Venn diagram.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Predators, pests, and other threats

                      We were learning about predators, pests, and other threats. I wrote a letter back to Lily.